Everything you need to Assess Job FitTestfuse has both the essentials and all the bells and whistles to create effective assessments and run an efficient hiring process.
TEST TYPESTools that help you access candidates in a holistic manner and determine job fit.
Personality Insights and Job Match ScoringOur data-driven platform offers an AI-driven pre-employment personality assessment that analyzes a candidate’s personality based on its textual and video responses to intelligently curated questions. These responses enable our platform to match a candidate’s personality with the ideal personality type considering the job role and generate personality scores to help you find the right match.
Value Alignment TestsFind candidates whose values perfectly align with your organizational values. Testfuse offers a smartly curated Value-Fitness Test that evaluates a candidate against your organizational values. The value alignment results not only help you find the perfect match for your company but also help you understand employee behavior. Gauge a candidate’s loyalty, performance ethics, and more for smart hiring.
More Test TypesChoose the right set of tests and options to create the perfect employee assessment for the desired job evaluation.
Skill Tests
Coding Tests
Video Responses
Case Studies
Text Responses
File Uploads
Features to assure that your assessment process is highly efficient and reliable.
Anti-Cheat MonitorTestfuse cuts the bias and prevents cheating by offering recruiters a robust anti-cheat feature that utilizes multiple data-driven screening protocols. These protocols include copy-paste limitations, cycled questions, multiple attempt prevention, timed tests, screen capturing, and much more. A recruiter can comprehensively view candidates’ performance while attempting an assessment at ease.
Qualifying QuestionsSave money and effort by adding qualifying questions to your assessments. Filter out candidates with these questions based on set criteria even before they start the actual assessment. Testfuse does not charge a recruiter unless a candidate qualifies for the qualifying questions criteria.
Employer BrandingEngage, attract, and screen the right candidates by providing them with customized assessments that offer optimal user experience. Make Testfuse all your own by personalizing assessments for your pool of candidates.
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ATS IntegrationsTestfuse is an online testing platform that actively supports Zapier and ATS integrations to enable proficient connectivity and automation during the recruitment process. Our data-driven platform is highly accessible and connectible to multiple HRMS at the same time.
We make it easy to create assessments, share them, and collaborate with your team.
AI Generated AssessmentsCreate on-point assessments with our generative AI tool, and configure skill tests, coding challenges, video answers, and much more. Just simply add the job description and get the perfect online pre-screening assessment made in seconds. Testfuse enables you to generate, edit, publish, and share AI-generated pre-employment screening assessments in just a few clicks.
Powerful Collaboration FeaturesTestfuse allows you to invite all important stakeholders by instantly sending out collaboration invitations. We enable you to share results and invite team members to view and manage evaluations with just a few clicks.
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